Wireless Communications and Networks

Maintenance and troubleshooting of Radio communication networks, including LORA, cellular 2G, 3G, 4G as well as future technologies 5G & 6G.

Optical Communications and Networks

Planning, Installation, configuration, measurement, maintenance and troubleshooting of optical communications, FTTx, GPON, etc.

Data and Computer networks

Data & Information storage, and planning, maintenance and troubleshooting communication between devices in a computer network equipped with Cisco CCNA certification

Message from the Head of the Study Program

Head of The Study Program

Dr.Yus Natali, S.T., M.T

Welcome to the Diploma Three in Telecommunications Engineering (D3TT) website at Telkom University Jakarta. This study program has been established since 2002 at the Telkom Sandhy Putra Jakarta Academy, which was later transformed into the Telkom Jakarta Institute of Technology (2020), and joined Telkom University in 2023. Since its inception, the D3TT study program has implemented a curriculum with the principle of ‘link and match’ with the industrial world. The learning curriculum is carried out using a mechanism of more than 60% of learning hours, namely practicals, practicums, workshops for both hardware and software to train students to suit industry needs. Each student will be equipped with national and international skills and certifications such as Cisco and English certifications, or other certifications. A number of alumni are spread across various world telecommunications and information technology (ICT) industries, both Indonesia and abroad. Every graduate is equipped with the skills to answer the needs of the ICT industry. Final year students can carry out an industrial internship program for at least one semester in various ICT industries. Apart from that, graduates of Diploma Telecommunications Engineering at Telkom University Jakarta Campus are also equipped with international certification so they are ready to become professional, reliable and international class mid-level experts.



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